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Hi, I am Anisha Ralhan, an award-winning freelance copywriter based out of Singapore. I enable brands to find their voice that speaks to their target audience. From crafting brand stories to writing website content, SEO content, scripts, advertorials, articles, short stories and essays—I've done it all over the last twelve years. Whether you're an agency or a business owner in need of a fuss-free word wizard to translate that groundbreaking idea onto paper, you've come to the right place. 

“I knew you’ll have a twisted life. You were born a breech baby.”

I first proved mum right when I decided to study humanities despite scoring 95% in science. Unlike my well-paid engineer siblings, I chose to be a writer.


With some luck and an unhealthy amount of caffeine, I completed rather memorable copywriting stints at Ogilvy, DDB, Dentsu Singapore and Hogarth

In yet another plot twist, at 31, I surprised myself by enrolling for a master’s degree in Creative Writing at LASALLE College of the Arts. There I was awarded a scholarship and the confidence to write literary prose.

My essays and short-stories have been published in The Best Asian Short Stories 2022Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, The Hindu, Arre and more.

I am mildly famous for injecting life into brand campaigns and giving unsolicited hugs to cats.

About Me
Anisha Ralhan, Independent Copywriter and Founder, Catchphrase
Freelance Copywriting Services

Here's what I can do for you

(apart from entertaining you with all the cat memes on this website)

Ad Films and Video Content

Brand identity, Taglines, Brand Guideline

Cameraman with Movie Camera_edited_edited.jpg

Videos are powerful growth hacking tools. As a creator with a visual bent of mind, I thoroughly enjoy conceptualising and writing insight-driven visual stories that resonate at an emotional and intellectual level.

Website Content/Email Marketing

Lingerie Web Design
Branding mockup set

Think of it as your brand's personality. Do you want to be fun and cheeky or suave and dignified? Educational? Motivational? A trendsetter? I'll help you discover who you are and how you can differentiate yourself with an arresting tagline, logo and manifesto and a brand book.

Articles, Blogs, SEO content

Work Team Meeting

Your website and emails are essentially your sales team. Can they be dull, predictable, yawn-inducing? Absolutely not! My process involves customer analysis, competition research, strategy and data-driven messaging that converts awareness into brand love and brand love into sales.

 When it comes to writing long form, a lot of writers are as good as deflated balloons. I find joy in researching, writing and editing articles and blogs. I've written expert skincare columns (sshhh, don't tell anyone), movie reviews, articles about home decor, real estate, travel and more.

Want to spice up your social media content? I'm all ears.


"Anisha has been a dream to work with. Her creativity, attention to detail, and ability to break down complex ideas into simple sentence structure were just a few reasons why we enjoy partnering with her.  She took the time to really understand the what, why and how of our business before developing the content.  Anisha is also very communicative and made sure I was informed every step of the way,  from conceptualisation to the end product.  I highly recommend Anisha to businesses who are looking for a reliable, creative and trustworthy content partner to craft their story!"

Paris Zhao, Founder of Palette Puzzles

Happy Clients

As a freelance copywriter, I've partnered with 100+ small business owners, start-ups, ad agencies and SaaS companies across Singapore, Malaysia, USA and India.

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Want to know more about the brands I've written for?

Why Choose Me from the Sea of Freelance Copywriters in Singapore?

Fast, Affordable & Reliable

Freelance content writer rates can vary hugely. I guarantee top-notch content that's on-brand, on-time and oozing with personality—tailored as per your budget.

Experience & Expertise

I've spent 12+ years mastering the craft while writing compelling copy for lifestyle/FMCG brands, B2B businesses, automobile, skincare, tourism, logistics and construction industries.

End-to-End Services

I understand that copywriting is just one aspect of digital marketing, which is why I partner with quality SEO experts and graphic designers to take your marketing game to the next level.

Passion Meets Craft

Writing is not just a source of livelihood. It's my raison d'etre. I've built my business purely out of word-of-mouth. The words client often use to describe me are: passionate, insightful, honest and attentive.

Award-Winning Copywriter turned Freelance Writer 

During my full-time stints at some of the most coveted ad agencies, I won several copywriting awards at local and International award shows such as Kyoorius, The Abby Awards and more.

Bespoke Content Solutions to get you Results

Unlike other copywriters on freelance platforms, I'm not here to make a quick buck and disappear. My process involves understanding your unique business goals and achieving them through experimentation, customisation and strategic recommendations that drive results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are you available for a new project now? How soon should I contact you for an upcoming job? I am always keen to hear about new projects. As far as lead time goes, the sooner the better. Simply write to me at and I'll get back to you in less than 48 hours, provided I'm not on a plane that's nose diving or getting abducted by aliens, in which case—keep me in your prayers.

2. Do you take super last minute jobs? You know the-deadline-was-yesterday kind? Do doctors refuse to treat patients at 3 am? Now imagine me as your brand doctor, ready to report for duty. As a matter of fact, if I were to collect a dime for each time I've gotten last-minute job requests, I'd be a millionaire by now. All this is to say, yes, I do take last-minute jobs. Tell me how your last copywriter screwed up and I'd be happy to ressuciate your project. Do bear in mind, like all quality e-commerce platforms, I too charge extra for expedited delivery. Ready to add to cart? Write to me at

3. would you be okay to work on-site? While I love working from my home office, in the esteemed company of my two purring cats, it's nice to get out of jammies every now and then. So, yeah working from your office is no issue, especially if you've got a fully loaded pantry.

4. What are your copywriting rates? Fair and just. ha ha. In all seriousness though, the quote will depend on the scope of work, timeline and whether I'd be working from your office or home. My daily rates start at 350 SGD. Having said that, most of my clients find it more economically viable to pay per project. Alternatively, if you have a budget in mind, write to me at and we can take it from there.

5. Do you do only take up only advertising work or all kinds of content writing projects? As a professional copywriter, who has spent over a decade working at ad agencies, I'm an expert at marketing and branding. However, in the past twleve years I've also published over a dozen articles, short stories and essays. Writing excites me. Period. As a freelance writer, I strive to make content persuasive, interesting and creative, be it a business proposal or your marriage vows.

6. As a freelance writer, can you help me with my college essays? Yes, I routinely work with candidates in SEA and help them articulate their life story in the best way possible. I'll help you structure your essays, make it personal and compelling, and ofcourse proofread it. Not to brag, but I've had 5 out of 5 students get in to Ivy League schools in the US. Write to me if you wish to see their testimonials.


Ready to get tailor-made content solutions for your next big project?

Don't be shy. Talk to me.

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