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NEW WORK: A fun campaign for Gatsby Total Wipes. Written and executed by freelance copywriter: Anisha

So last month, we had the privilege to partner with an independent ad agency in Singapore to come up with a new campaign for Gatsby Singapore.

Now, we all know Gatsby is known for hair products for men but the brand also makes cooling facial and body wipes—a must have during Singapore's sweaty, sunny weather.

The brief was to come up with a key visual and interesting bite-sized social media video ads appealing to young men in the age group of 18-30.

Given the age of the target audience, as the sole copywriter on this project, Anisha adopted a humorous approach while conceptualising and writing the campaign. While being fun and playful, the campaign delivers the message of on-the-go cooling and freshness effectively.

Overall, we had a 'fan'tastic time writing and shooting this campaign along with the agency and production folks.

Here's the key visual for the campaign.

And the films:

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and feel free to browse Anisha's portfolio and video ads.

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