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How Much Should a Freelance SEO Content Writer Charge in Singapore?

Updated: Mar 21

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Whether you're new to the business of writing SEO content or an experienced SEO writer hopping on to the freelance train (hi there!), figuring how to charge clients is going to be one of the most important things in your freelance journey.

The nature of freelance business is such that we end up working in a tiny bubble and often lose perspective on things like the current market rate for SEO articles and blogs. Only to wonder, after accepting the project, if the price we quoted was reasonable or too low (I too have had regrets in the past about charging less than what I deserved, but hey, one lives to learn.)

With this article, freelance SEO content writers in Singapore should get a better understanding of how much to charge for SEO blogs and articles. If you're just starting out, I'd urge you to learn more about the nuts and bolts of SEO content here

How much should a freelance SEO writer charge for a 500-600 words article?

SE0 blogs for non-niche industries are typically between 500-600 words. Broadly speaking, SEO content writers in Singapore charge anywhere between S$75 -S$600. When it comes to price indexing, various factors come into play. The ones listed below should you help you set your price better.

The price of a 500-600 words article will depend on the following factors.

  1. The industry you're writing for: It's no secret that niche industries such as finance, fin-tech, technology and health pay higher than retail, fashion, entertainment and even e-commerce. The former industries require specialised knowledge and the ability to perform strong independent research. I personally write for a vast number of industries, including banking and fin-tech, but I let me tell you, I didn't become an expert overnight. After ten years of hustling as a freelance copywriter and SEO content writer, I am able to convince my clients that when they hire me they pay for a. completely original content, sparkling with voice; b. my proven track record. Depending on the industry, I am can make up to S$450 for a 500-word article.

  2. Your experience: At the end day, you experience is directly proportionate to the price you can charge. As with any other industry, freelance SEO copywriters with a proven history of writing for top-rated companies charge for the quality of services they can provide. After grinding for over ten years in the content writing business, I am able to provide a seamless experience to my clients. This means, fewer rounds of feedback and less time spent on explaining the project to me. It is recommended for writers who are just starting out to charge less for their work in lieu of the opportunity to build their portfolio. Think of it as an investment towards your future.

  3. Research Involved: Again, this is linked to point number one. Niche sectors require a freelance SEO content writer to park more time for research. As a rule of thumb, you can afford to lower the price for brands and industries that you're most familiar with. Less research=time saved. Ask yourself, whether the topic or the brand that you are writing about is is something that interests you and excites you? If the answer is yes, you may consider charging less than you typically would. For me, the number of hours spent on researching an SEO blog topic is a huge price deciding factor.

  4. Additional requirements: A freelance SEO copywriter would charge extra for any services tailored to the client's unique needs. This includes factors such as turnaround time, revisions, and additional services like meta tag optimisation or providing images etc. Now that you know what to consider when setting your freelance SEO writing rates, the next step would be take a look at different pricing models. Choose one that makes sense to you the most and helps you price better.

What are the different price models available to freelance SEO content writers?

  • Hourly rate

Some freelance SEO content writers prefer to charge by the hour.

Beginners typically charge anywhere between 30 to 50 SGD.

For writers with intermediate level of experience, we are talking around 7 years, the hourly rate varies between 60 to 90 SGD.

Advanced writers usually charge upwards of 90 SGD.

  • Project Rate

I know enough freelance SEO content writers, including myself, charging as per the project. This number obviously depends on the scope of work, timeline, number of articles involved etc.

When starting a conversation with my clients, I upfront disclose that paying per project (especially if it's a big one) turns out to be more cost-effective than paying per hour. I prefer this model when I know clocking in hours devoted to the project appears to be more cumbersome. (Think filling endless timesheets).

  • Charging per word

This is a model borrowed from journalism, where writers are paid as per the number of words. Personally, I find this model outdated and unhelpful, considering SEO articles require more than just stringing words together. We're talking: time spent on research, analysing competition etc. My alarm bells ring when I see client demanding my rate per word. Besides, let's not forget, writing succinctly is more challenging than simply spewing words on paper.

While, these pricing frameworks work broadly for some freelance SEO writers, I think trusting your gut is the ultimate way to set a price for your work. Moreover, every talented writer will tell you, there is no one way to price your work. Often, it's a learning process, with lots of trial and error involved. Ultimately, you know your USPs and client better than any bloke on the street.

If you're in need of an expert SEO freelance content writer in Singapore, with several copywriting awards under her belt, with absolutely fair rates, reach out to her. Her being me :)

For queries and tips on freelancing, write to me at

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