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Catchphrase Turns One!

Updated: Jan 26

A year ago, when I conceived Catchphrase, I would've never imagined writing a post like this, let alone designing it. The mountain of self-doubt seemed unscalable. How could an introvert-ish person, who actively detests small talk and large gatherings, step afoot in an industry built on networking? With a grand total of zero clients (to begin with), where would I possibly get work from? What does someone with three liberal arts degrees know about running a business? What I did know was that everyone loves a story. And that I can tell one reasonably well. With heart. With wit. With hard work. And occasionally with the help of a bottle of antacid. Catchphrase started as a passion project to tell stories that stick. Yours. Your brand’s. Your pet’s. I jumped into the entrepreneurial boat the same way I've made other decisions in my life—moving out of my childhood home at seventeen, moving countries for love, pursuing a master's in my thirties—by listening to that crazy little thing called gut. Did I expect it to continue to pay a few bills 365 days later? Hell no! The reason Catchphrase survived, despite no serious marketing efforts, is because of your Word. Your kind word. Reaching your circle and their circle and beyond. So naturally, the first words to come out of this one-year-old's mouth are: Thank You. May we inch closer to our hope-filled, logic-deprived dreams, one baby step at a time. #copywritingservices #contentmarketing #smallbusinessowner #freelancecopywriter #singapore #contentwriter

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