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How To Optimise Your Website Content to Get More Traffic: Tips from a Freelance Copywriter

Updated: Mar 21

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As a freelance website copywriter in Singapore, I get over a dozen inquiries, every month, from prospective clients in need of a “great” website. Most of these clients are new business-owners or have recently turned into entrepreneurs and are completely clueless about what makes a website great.

They tend to be unfamiliar with terms like brand persona, landing page copy, keyword-rich content, value proposition etc. They know the importance of investing in their website but have no idea how to put words to their marketing vision.

This is where I come in. I’ve partnered with more than 100 small to medium-sized businesses, established brands and ad agencies to create website content that grabs attention, explains product benefits and boosts sales, using arresting visuals and design.

Remember, website copywriting like all forms of copywriting is both art and science of persuasion. And when it comes to your website, content is the king. So, how to ensure that your content conveys the right thing and evokes the right response?

Here are a few tips to get more traffic to your website:

1. Narrow down your target audience as much as you can: remember, your website is for your current and future customers. Even if you want to create a website for yourself, always ask yourself: What is the end goal of this website? What do I want from my reader? Who would read my website?

2. Identify your brand’s tone of voice: This one can be quite challenging and is usually achieved with the help of a copywriter. I’ve seen plenty of websites that use an inconsistent tone of voice, wherein one page has elevated luxury language, and the very next is full of slangs and colloquial words. It is impossible to write good copy without identifying your brand persona and a tone of voice that corresponds to it.

3. Have clear, purposeful Call-to-Actions: Call-to-action, in copywriting speak is inviting the audience to take an actionable step. Spend enough time writing and re-writing your call-to-action for each section on every page. Trust me, your communication will be a lot more effective this way.

4. Add an arresting hook in your copy. This could involve identifying and articulating a real, palpable problem in the consumer’s mind and describing how your product can solve it. Your goal should be to get the reader’s attention as quickly as possible.

5. Practice KISS in your website content. KISS is short for Keep it simple, silly. At the end of the day, you want your consumer to know key information about your product before they end up engaging your service or buying your product. The best way to ensure this is to keep your copy incredibly simple.

A lot goes into writing compelling, effective and results-oriented website content. As a freelance copywriter who specialises in website content, I can help you create a stunning website that reflects your values and vision, without emptying your pockets. Book a free content consultation call here

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