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Humble beginnings!

Two weeks ago, I set up Catchphrase with an itsy-bitsy copywriting project and zero contracts in hand. Some called me brave. Others called me foolish. I couldn’t help but nod.

I put my big girl pants on and imagined what would an adrenaline junkie, standing on top of a cliff, do after popping on a helmet and a harness.


Look straight.

Even if it scares the bejesus out of them.

So look straight I did and created a work website(the one you're reading now)and designed it too(#frugal).

Sat through yawn-inducing accounting webinars.

Replied to a few texts, answered a few calls, took a somewhat satisfactory afternoon nap. Repeated this for a few days.

Cut to this morning. Signed a contract with a huge start-up

run by intrepid engineers who are determined to make Indian cities more breathable.

How do I feel?

Like a foolish adrenaline junkie zip lining in The Amazon :)

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