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My essay in What We Inherit

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Like Jamie Lannister, the broody anti-hero of Game of Thrones, I too have done stupid things for love. Booking a one-way ticket to Singapore (at the peak of my career) to be with my partner, arguably, tops the list.

In December 2021, I wrote an essay reflecting on the immigration and the challenges of assimilation that came along. The kind folks at AWARE Singapore—Shailey Hingorani and Varsha decided to include it in an anthology of personal essays called, What We Inherit:Growing Up Indian. A book that nudges you to think about the vastly diverse yet deeply complex experiences of being Indian. I may be biased but I know for sure that you will be intrigued, tickled and/or inspired, regardless of race.

Get your copy at or from a leading bookstore in Singapore (including SG’s fav: Kino).

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