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1. Organise a chit fund with your neighbourhood friends. Each month, participants write down their biggest disappointments on a piece of paper.

When the pot grows big, draw a chit. The lucky winner gets to talk about their disappointment for one full hour.

Yay! You just started a Pity Party.

2. Plan a movie night with your better half. The last one to fall asleep wins a slice of sugar-free-dairy-free-gluten-free cake.

3. Play a game of charades. Instead of movie titles, you act out your anxieties.

4. Wish to attend a live concert after all these years?Head to the nearest gym, where you and your buddy headbang to sound of your cracking joints.

5. Take your Gen Z cousin to a new artisanal café in town. Confiscate their phone for the entirety of the brunch.

6. Play Snog-Marry-Kill. Players have to choose between their boss, their therapist and their landlord.

7. Invite your two friends for a slumber party. At 11 am. On a Monday.

8. Invent a board game that requires you to be horizontal at all times.

9. Spend an entire day with a couple who just became parents.

10. Go on an impromptu road trip. To Whole Foods.

11. Start a podcast with your bestie about who’s gotten what done. Call it: Filler In The Blank.

12. Ask your girlfriends how much they spend on skincare in a month. The lowest spender buys a round of wheatgrass shots!

13. Host a Victorian-style tea party. Swap corsets for Lululemon tank tops.

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